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     Paid Grocery Shopping Study (Baltimore)
    The Hartman Group, Inc. a nationally renowned consumer research firm in the Greater Seattle area with clients across the food and beverage and retail industries will be conducting paid in-home interviews with couples in the Baltimore area the week of October 23rd. The total time commitment is approximately 2.5 hours and compensation is $350 / couple. If you and your partner or spouse might be interested in participating, please answer the following questions: ? Which of the following statements best describes your level of responsibility for deciding on and shopping for groceries (such as food, beverages, paper goods, cleaning items, etc.) in your household? - Someone else has all or most of the responsibility for groceries. - Someone else is the primary shopper, and I am the secondary decision-maker and shopper for my household's groceries. - I share approximately 50% responsibility for decision-making and shopping for groceries. - I have all or most of the responsibility for shopping for groceries. ? Please describe the division of responsibilities for grocery shopping in your household. ? How has your approach to grocery shopping changed over time? *Please include your name, email address, age, zip code, and the best phone number to reach you along with your answers to the above questions. We look forward to hearing from you.
    by Billy Gold (10/9/2017) [REPLY]
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